How to Write Fast: tips, tricks, and exercises

Average person types around 40 words per minute (WPM). A fast typist goes above 80. If you could double your speed of typing, how do you imagine your productivity level rising? You could get more done within your time limits, and, better still, achieve such typing speed that your words would be written as fast as you think.


Writing fast and making sense
If your goal is to produce content in as less time as possible, you can skip this heading. But for those who are interested in making their content valuable, they will need to make some adjustments before they type faster. This actually comes with experience but generally, a good writer should be close to being in sync with their thinking speed.

If you write for money or plan to do so in the future, the rule of thumb is you get more for quality. There are thousands of writers out there who work for pennies because they don’t value their own work and produce below-average content that swarms the web as we all know it. People who hire writers will pay more for good content. So only speed won’t help, but the key is to balance speed with quality, with balance you will achieve the best results. But let’s take care of the speed first.

Step 1: Determine your typing speed
Knowing your typing speed will help to track your improvement. Use one of these free typing speed test websites determine how many words you can write in a minute.

Step 2: Daily exercise to speed up your typing
After you have found out your average typing speed, note down what it is that day and proceed with the following typing race:

If you do this 3 times in a row, you may already see an improvement at your last game. Give yourself a break after doing it as this can stress people out due to its intensity.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2
Come back to it next day. Do this over a week’s period and you will notice an improvement straight away. It is simple, and it works. Depending on your goal, keep doing it until you reach your desired speed of typing.

Extra tips for faster writing
Change your tool for writing. Are you using a pen because it’s hipster? Enjoying calligraphy with a fountain pen can be pleasant, but it won’t do you any good if it takes you hours to simply write out what you’re thinking. Perhaps it’s better to consider being romantic when it gets to the expensive dinner that your brisk writing helped you afford. Get on your keyboard and type it out. Some people use speech recognition Softwares to dictate their ideas onto the screen. There are plenty of free ones out there if you want to give that one a go.

Drink coffee. By now, most of us will know how beneficial coffee can be for mental and creative boost. If you work from home, invest in your coffee equipment and find out where to buy the best coffee around your neighborhood. Your brain will thank you for the healthy boost.

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